Marwitz 2016 Portrait

Marwitz 2016 vintage eyeglasses frame 1960s

Always good to find high quality frames from the 60s on fleamarkets. Like this brown honey gradient Marwitz 2016 Portrait vintage eyeglasses frame. After putting out the old lenses and some cleaning they are still in mint condition and have a state of the art Design ready for the next business trip.

Around the World

valeria cacciola designer sicily round vintage frame

After the great return of round vintage frames in 2016, the vintage frame world starts turning for 2017. The days are getting longer, the big round one in the sky gets stronger and we discover new flowers growing in the frame game. 2016 was the also the comeback year of John Lennon frames on the vintage market and Jean Paul Gaultier became one of the leading brands.

Great round frames to find for your next trip to Italy. Try to vistit the brutale architecture Rozzol Melara Estate Trieste, Italy Architect: Carlo Celli  from the late 60s.

brutale architecture trieste 2016 round windows