udo proksch sunglasses 1970s vintage

Some things will always be a mystery.. These days we wanted to enrich our collection with this wonderful piece of 1970s Udo Proksch vintage sunglasses. After ordering and some emails with the seller we got this message back:

“Guten Morgen ……….,
leider müssen wir Ihnen mtteilen, dass Ihre gewünschte Proksch Brille durch einen Diebstahl in unserem Hause entwende wurde, und wir nicht mehr liefern können.
Gern hätten wir die Brille verkauft
Hiermit müssen wir leider Ihre Bestellung stornieren.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen”

Paloma Picasso 1460 Optyl



In the late 80s Optyl produced an impressive line by Paloma Picasso for ViennaLine. The black version was one of the favorite frames of french movie icon ISABELLE ADJANI.

subway-movieOne of her most famous movies was Luc Bessons SUBWAY with other legendary actors like Christopher Lambert and Jean Reno.

“Having stolen some compromising documents from a powerful and successful entrepreneur/gangster at a party, a man known as Fred (Lambert) escapes from the police and takes refuge in the underground world of the Paris Metro stations and tunnels. There he joins the dwellers and befriends several colourful characters, including others who are living under the subway to avoid police arrest. While the gangster’s henchmen try to find Fred, he develops a romance with the gangster’s young trophy wife Héléna (Adjani). She had originally invited Fred to the party featured at the opening of the film, and is bored with her gilded-caged life”.


Source / abgedreht