Vintage Frames Company X Cee Lo Green Custom Sunglasses

Montreal, QC (June, 2011) – With six years of proven success, the Vintage Frames Company has established themselves in the glasses, fashion and music world as a leader and pioneer of the vintage eyewear industry. It is with great pride that the Vintage Frames Company has collaborated with such a highly respected and iconic artist such as Cee Lo green to create a one of a kind sunglass for his hit show The Voice .

Lead by owner Corey Shapiro, the Vintage Frames Company is best known for it’s work with most of today’s top artists. Corey along with The Vintage Frames Company travels the globe to put together the most unique selection of un-worn designer vintage sunglasses for their list of elite clientele.

With only a single pair of these sought-after frames, Vintage Frames Company is once again proving why they are the number one purveyor in the Vintage eyewear industry. Cee Lo Green has co-branded with the Vintage Frames Company to add his personal twist to the iconic Ultra Goliath 2 sunglass. The versatility and luxury of this model is what made this sunglass into such an iconic and historical piece of eyewear. Mirror lenses were chosen to compliment the rich colour of the custom blue frame. The Vintage Frames Company recognized its historical importance to the music and fashion world and made it a priority to bring it back to life.

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