SPOTSNAPR 540 serie future vintage


What sets us apart from other sunglasses manufacturers?

It’s simple: the Spirit – our Spirit! Mainstream was yesterday. We enjoy what we do and want a small but very fine piece of the pie for us and for our community! We love to see that permanently new small labels like us try to move forward with massive creativity and incredible ambition to their goals and do not forget who they are. Keywords: authenticity! Stay you – stay true. Our goal was to unite all the features of the best-known and most excellent sunglasses in one affordable product.

There we go … we did it!

Frame and temples of acetate, 7 barrel stainless steel hinges, removable CR39 optics, iconic design, to name just a few of our features. We want to constantly improve ourselves and our products, develop and acquire new knowledge and share it with our community. But this is only possible with a clear focus on our goals and the desire to constantly learn from new things. Mainstream? – Ahhhm … no thanks!

We want to keep moving, keep a creative perspective on things and learn from mistakes. Our customers, business partners and our community are most important for us and thats the reason why we try to get better each day.

Welcome to Spotsnapr Eyewear!


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