The last days we got an interesting email from Italy, from Justyn who is now living in Turin (we think its about the better weather in Italy) and was designing sport goggles for Carrera in Vienna in the 1970s. It was the time of Serge Kirchhofer’s Carrera prototyping and the famous Mx Riders like Ake Jonsson, Bengt Aberg, Arne Kring, Torsten Hallman, Torleif Hansen, Keith Hickman, Bryan Wade, Dave Bickers, Sylvain Geboers, Paul Friedrichs
and many others, so Carrera goggles won many World MX Championships.

CARRERA Motocross goggles 1970s

It was the time of new ideas, exotic racing bikes from Italy and the years when the Austrian brand was top in Ski- and Offroad Rracing. Always great to get in touch with a contemporary witness of this period.

ANCILLOTTI 1970s MX Racing Bike


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