Winter in Budapest

Keleti Trainstation Budapest

When you enter the town through the doors of Keleti Trainstation its cold in Budapest at the moment. After some minutes walk you reach the old jewish district of the city. In this urban district you find the vintage stores Retrock , Ludovika Vintage and many others, Budapest has never been a player in the vintage frame game. The chance to get in touch with great frames is to visit the store of the legendary 101 year old optician woman and listen to her stories what has happend in Budapest since WWI.

vinylize le corbusier sunglasses For some new frame inspiration you can search the showroom of Vinylize near the Danube in the old Town. In their small manufactory Mr.Tipton produces interesting frames using your favorit vinyl record from the past.

Subway budapest M4

Another cool inspiration is to ride the Budapest Subway Lines, watch the great architecture of the line M4 and finally get the M2 line to reach the Falk Miska Street to visit the antique stores like our favorite STUDIO AGRAM  and find great Design treasures from the modernists of the last century.


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