futura silhouette mood sujet vintae sunglasses 1970s Austria

Source/ SILHOUETTE Eyewear digged by Stephan Felder

In the 70s Austria was a land of interesting contrasts and creative design. Silhouette’s  impressive “FUTURA COLLECTION” that is still one of the most wanted collectibles in the scene. It was the aera of the two great companies in Linz/Upper-Austria on the one hand the Anger Connection with Serge Kirchhofer and Cari Zalloni with their fresh designs for Carrera and Saphira, on the other the Schmied family who founded Silhouette in 1964. The brand became popular due to actress Sylvia Kristel in the 70s.

Wohnpark alt erlaa harry glück 1970s vienna

 The sunglasses Design department for the Playboy Brand produced by Optyl was settled in the inner city of Vienna. It was the time of the biggest 70s satellite residental park “ALT ERLAA” by architect Harry Glück


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