Courreges 5914

Courreges 5914 vintaeg sunglasses by Giancarlo Martell Miami

Courreges 5914 early 1990s vintage sunglasses by Giancarlo Martell Miami



optiking berlin christian metzler collectors meeting 2017 vintage sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses lovers meeting in Berlin summer 2017. Chris Metzler and Ben owner of Optiking store Berlin have fun about their passion digging and hunting treasures of the past century.

Bridges & Brows LONDON

sunglasses bridges & brows london vintage sunglasses london art


Redchurch Street is new-ish shopping street in Shoreditch where there’s also a really good vintage eyewear store called Bridges & Brows (63 Redchurch Street). They do amazing reference pieces from, like, Dita and other brands, as well as really old styles—both optical and sunglasses. It’s amazing place for reference.”