The Eyewear Forum Vintage EXPO COLOGNE 2017

Vintage Expo Cologne 2017

After the successful TEF Vintage Expo kick-off in London, The Eyewear Forum is now heading to Cologne where we will present the private collections of eyewear fanatics Alexander Dosiehn and Christian Metzler. If you have the chance, visit Die Brillenmesse at The New Yorker | on the 6 & 7th of May!

Vintage Expo Cologne 2 2017

Viennaline by Serge Kirchhofer

Vogue Australia April 1987 -Viennaline vintage sunglasses made in Austria by Serge Kirchhofer

In the 60s and early 70s Serge Kirchhofer designed the frames for the brand VIENNALINE and made expensive advertising campaigns in his office in Vienna. Crazy stories about this time can be found in the books “Lucona” and “Ein Staat braucht einen Mörder” easy to find on AMAZON.

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