Miami Bugatti Beard special

Giancarlo Bugatti Beard the I 1980s vintage sunglasses

Bugatti vintage sunglasses hit the streets of Miami.

Frame presented by “Giancarlo Bugatti the I” Artist based in Miami specialist in Jewelry Design.

Bugatti vintage sunglasses made in Italy.

Artwork by Valeria Krasavina fashion designer based also in Miami/Florida to follow on Instagram and find more interesting fashion inspiration.

Giancarlo Bugatti Beard the I 1980s vintage sunglasses


OPTI Munich 2017

gregoire-vuilleumier-opti-2017 vintage sunglasses exhibition

FRENCH PART OF SWEDEN Vintage Eyewear at opti Munich 28.01.-01.02.2017
Alongside Christian Metzler, Matti Piipponen, Siegfried Schlögl, Alexander Dosiehn and Lee Yule, come and see us.


Christian Metzler Collectors home vintage sunglasses

What a pleasure to look into Christain Metzler’s  Germany privat home and see the perfection how to store his vintage eyewear collection, with love to every detail.