optiking berlin christian metzler collectors meeting 2017 vintage sunglasses

Vintage sunglasses lovers meeting in Berlin summer 2017. Chris Metzler and Ben owner of Optiking store Berlin have fun about their passion digging and hunting treasures of the past century.


Around the World

valeria cacciola designer sicily round vintage frame

After the great return of round vintage frames in 2016, the vintage frame world starts turning for 2017. The days are getting longer, the big round one in the sky gets stronger and we discover new flowers growing in the frame game. 2016 was the also the comeback year of John Lennon frames on the vintage market and Jean Paul Gaultier became one of the leading brands.

Great round frames to find for your next trip to Italy. Try to vistit the brutale architecture Rozzol Melara Estate Trieste, Italy Architect: Carlo Celli  from the late 60s.

brutale architecture trieste 2016 round windows

Collector Focus

christian metzler pforzheim vintage sunglasses collection

Home Sweet Home, Christian Metzler always happy about his growing vintage sunglasses collection, enough pieces to get polished for the vintage exhibition at the Opti Munich januray 2017

OPTI Munich 2017

gregoire-vuilleumier-opti-2017 vintage sunglasses exhibition

FRENCH PART OF SWEDEN Vintage Eyewear at opti Munich 28.01.-01.02.2017
Alongside Christian Metzler, Matti Piipponen, Siegfried Schlögl, Alexander Dosiehn and Lee Yule, come and see us.


Christian Metzler Collectors home vintage sunglasses

What a pleasure to look into Christain Metzler’s  Germany privat home and see the perfection how to store his vintage eyewear collection, with love to every detail.