Christian Dior 2283 Monsieur

Christian Dior 2283 Monsieur 1980s vintage sunglasses Optyl made in Austria

Christian Dior 2283 Monsieur 1980s vintage sunglasses Optyl made in Austria


Viennaline by Serge Kirchhofer

Vogue Australia April 1987 -Viennaline vintage sunglasses made in Austria by Serge Kirchhofer

In the 60s and early 70s Serge Kirchhofer designed the frames for the brand VIENNALINE and made expensive advertising campaigns in his office in Vienna. Crazy stories about this time can be found in the books “Lucona” and “Ein Staat braucht einen Mörder” easy to find on AMAZON.

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Christian Dior double double feature

christian dior 70s spacebug vintage sunglasses matti piipponen-helsinki

From the heart of Finland came a Christmas shoutout from Matti Piipponen featuering this 1970s Christian Dior metal frames, a rare treasure nearly impossible to find made in Austria

Christian Dior 001 Optyl 1970s vintage sunglasses

versus two OPTYL Christian Dior 001 1970s Butterfly frames made in Germany from our Collector friends from Thailand.

OPTI Munich 2017

gregoire-vuilleumier-opti-2017 vintage sunglasses exhibition

FRENCH PART OF SWEDEN Vintage Eyewear at opti Munich 28.01.-01.02.2017
Alongside Christian Metzler, Matti Piipponen, Siegfried Schlögl, Alexander Dosiehn and Lee Yule, come and see us.

Serge Kirchhofer Documentary

serge kirchhofer doku header

Now available on Youtube. All six parts of Out of Control the documentary of Udo Proksch aka Serge Kirchhofer.

serge kirchhofer doku 5

Starting at 09:30 min you get an insight view what happend in the early days of the cooperation with Wilhelm Anger owner of the Optyl patent. Anger factory was the major producer of the brands CARRERA, Porsche Design, Dior, Dunhill, Lacroix, Viennaline, Playboy etc. in Austria.

serge kirchhofer doku 3