What was on the ship?

“What was on the Lucona?” — “Perspective. Young scientists” painting by Ivan Vepkhvadze, USSR, 1981 reminds us on the the aera of Udo Proksch aka Serge Kirchhofer and his unsolved case of the sunken ship Lucona.

Udo wearing Boeing Collection by Carrera 5705 made in Austria on his return to Austria.


flower serge kirchhofer 1970s vienna launch new sunglasses collection


The light shines on chaos
His path chartered by the stars
Absorbs without seeing,
thinks without feeling
blazened by disdain.


he toils terrain
pursues Leonardo’s decree
looking through youth
reveals his Artists guise


Strokes in ink adorn feline form seduces mystery enchants


He masquerades them all
eyeglasses to escape
Goldfingers to shine
Silk to seduce


A maniacal force
wields darkness,
Explosion, denial, loyalty,
This fantasy, scandal
history shall not repeat
he looks
Into the light.

serge kirchhofer collection 1960s vienna launch new collection


Udo Proksch in seinem Studio in der Walfischgasse umgeben von Werbemitteln für Serge Kirchhofer Design, 1973

Udo Proksch in his Studio in the Walfischgasse/Vienna, surrounded by merchandising articles for Serge Kirchhofer Design, 1973


udo proksch auszug lucona walfischgasse sergekirchhofer

Viennaline by Serge Kirchhofer

Vogue Australia April 1987 -Viennaline vintage sunglasses made in Austria by Serge Kirchhofer

In the 60s and early 70s Serge Kirchhofer designed the frames for the brand VIENNALINE and made expensive advertising campaigns in his office in Vienna. Crazy stories about this time can be found in the books “Lucona” and “Ein Staat braucht einen Mörder” easy to find on AMAZON.

udo proksch lucona book america sunglasses journey