New Design

vintage sunglasses new shop 2018

New shop design for Berlin based leading vintage sunglasses shop


offering a massive range of new old stock masterpieces and collectors diamonds like the golden “Cartier Grand Pavage” never seen before on the market. Take a breath and and fall into the new digital world of





Luigi Colani 10 621

Werk 23 Berlin Peter Luigi Colani 10 621 1980s vintage sunglasses Italy

Gallery and shop Owner Peter WERK 23 Berlin wearing Luigi Colani 10 621 1980s vintage sunglasses made in Italy

Bridges & Brows LONDON

sunglasses bridges & brows london vintage sunglasses london art


Redchurch Street is new-ish shopping street in Shoreditch where there’s also a really good vintage eyewear store called Bridges & Brows (63 Redchurch Street). They do amazing reference pieces from, like, Dita and other brands, as well as really old styles—both optical and sunglasses. It’s amazing place for reference.”

Vintage in Munich

robertos cazal 607 vintage sunglasses west germany

Besides the Opti we found some time to explore the city of Munich for some hours. There are many more attractions than eating a Bratwurst or Weisswurst at Viktualien-market. But when it has more than 5 degrees the people star sitting outside the Biergarten drinking beer eating sausages. We joined them “what a pleasure”.

We also met the inventor sugar baker of the future legendary CAZAL cake on the picture above wearing Cazal 607 vintage sunglasses made in West Germany.

A trip to the Glockenbachviertel near the Isar is always  a foot walk worth for.

fred interiors munich vintage design Eating a massive chocolate cake at Kaffee Trachtenvogel was the perfect preperation for watching excellent vintage design pieces at FRED INTERIEURS  or other nice vintage and design shops around the Gärtnerplatz.

After a visit in our favorite record shop OPTIMAL and a last coffee at the amazing Cafe Baader we took the subway back to the Opti fair to meet our friends and partners and get prepared for three days party.

munich subway

OPTI Munich 2017


The OPTI 2017 in Munich was the place to be for all vintage frames lovers and collectors. “The glorious 7” showed a wide range of all brands from the 60s up to the 90s. We had FUTURAS in ever corner of the city. Matti Pipponen found the bavarian Futura and a shop in Schwabing with 500000 of them.


At the end we found new friends lost some contacts or 2. But we were all happy start getting bigger for 2018 to show our new diggs.