Serge Kirchhofer 426

Serge Kirchhofer 624, 1960s silver metal aviator vintage sunglasses frame


Serge Kirchhofer documentary soon in cinemas

© Westlicht/vienna

Austrian director Robert Dornhelm finished his work on the documentary “Out of control” the last weeks. The film shows the life of Udo Proksch alias Serge Kirchhofer who designed the first Carrera Models, Sunglasses for Viennaline and his own brand Serge Kirchhofer. Like this unbelievable uniqe master creation

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Thirty years ago Dornhelm bought the rights to produce the film which will be released in March 2010.

When Udo read the script of Dornhelm years ago, he put a gun on Dornhelms head and said “Mach kan Blödsinn, Dornhelm-Bua”. Be prepared for one of the most thrilling crime stories in Austrian history and the life of great Austrian designer.