Miami Bugatti Beard special

Giancarlo Bugatti Beard the I 1980s vintage sunglasses

Bugatti vintage sunglasses hit the streets of Miami.

Frame presented by “Giancarlo Bugatti the I” Artist based in Miami specialist in Jewelry Design.

Bugatti vintage sunglasses made in Italy.

Artwork by Valeria Krasavina fashion designer based also in Miami/Florida to follow on Instagram and find more interesting fashion inspiration.

Giancarlo Bugatti Beard the I 1980s vintage sunglasses




The search for perfect sunglasses started over 2000 years ago. Nero wore thick slabs of emerald to shield his eyes from the fierce Roman sun. Henry VIII preferred slivers of coloured glass in a makeshift frame.


For centuries Eskimos deflected the glare of sun on snow with blades of hand carved wood.

With the age of the motorcar came driving goggles. But it was the stars of the silver screen in the 1930s who gave sunglasses their glamorous image. The late 1950s and 60s heralded a fashion revolution. Alongside the new found freedom to express ourselves through style and clothing came the demand for glasses that turned heads.

And that meant eyewear from

Oliver Goldsmith



GUALT F Photography CAZAL 951 vintage sunglasses west germany

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